Vibrant Lip Dermace Semi Permanent Makeup Pigment Set

Vibrant Lip Dermace Semi Permanent Makeup Pigment Set

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AqThe Vibrant Lip Collection is a carefully selected group of Dermace pigments for your lipstick-wearing ladies.

We all have ladies we treat who like heavy lipstick, and like to see that colour as they apply their makeup. Many technicians are too cautious when it comes to vibrant colours, and add in orange modifiers for "safety". Unbeknown to them, the modifiers tend to neutralise the vibrant colours, and the end result is not bright enough. Invest in our Vibrant Lip Collection and let Dermace take the guesswork away from your "vibrant lip" procedures.

Please note there may be a slight delay getting the collections out to you if individual pigments are out of stock.

Contains: Strawberries & Cream  Carmine pink, Very Berry, Cherry Pie, and Valentine.