Readiwipes, Dry Super X 100 wipes

Readiwipes, Dry Super X 100 wipes

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Readiwipes Dry Super Standard (100 Pack)

Readiwipes® Dry - Super is a high performance wipe using a heavyweight polypropylene based material with a high cotton and viscose content for strength and extra absorbency. It has a high degree of opacity and whiteness which means it can’t be seen through. This wipe is used in high volumes by the NHS for patient cleansing and continence care. The combination of softness, strength, opacity and absorbency and the fact that it can be used wet or dry means that this product is ideal for personal hygiene and continence care particularly when dealing with compromised skin. Because of the thick absorbent material, this wipe is ideal for use wet as a flannel or for drying after cleansing, as well as soil removal and spill mopping. Readiwipes® Dry - Super is used widely in care and nursing homes and hospitals.


  • High cotton and viscose content for absorbency

  • Soft material

  • Wet or dry use

  • Also suitable for surface cleansing

  • Compatible with cleansing fluids, sprays and foams