MicroPMU 3 round liner AC

MicroPMU 3 round liner AC

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3 Round liner, great for low impact fine detail and eyeliner procedures! Suitable for all areas. 

We are pleased to stock MicroPMU acupuncture cartridges!

Acupuncture cartridges are bullet shaped at the tip, allowing for a soft entry into the skin with minimal trauma, great pixels and fantastic pigment implantation.

A firm favorite for softer techniques on all areas, Particularly where the application must be gentle for example eyeliners or thinner, sensitive or aged skin.

All acupuncture cartridges have a bullet shaped point and contain a membrane. 

Needle Diameters: 1 rl acupuncture is a .30 mm (#10). All other acupuncture cartridges are a .25 mm (#8)

MicroPMU Premium Quality Needle Cartridge.

Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sterile needle acupuncture cartridges.