MicroPMU premium acupuncture cartridges

MicroPMU Acupuncture cartridges are bullet shaped at the tip, allowing for a soft entry into the skin with minimal trauma, great pixels and fantastic pigment implantation.

A firm favorite for softer techniques on all areas, Particularly where the application must be gentle for example eyeliners or thinner, sensitive or aged skin.

All acupuncture cartridges have a bullet shaped point and contain a membrane. 

Needle Diameters: 1 rl acupuncture is a .30 mm (#10). All other acupuncture cartridges are a .25 mm (#8)

MicroPMU Premium Quality Needle Cartridge.

Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sterile needle acupuncture cartridges.

STANDARD FIT for rotary style machines for example: Rook Quil, Valhalla, Defender, Xion, Cheyenne, DragonHawk, Mast, Bellar etc.