Dermace Colour Corrector Collection

Dermace have developed a colour range which is;
  • Safe and conforms to European regulations
  • Colours that are true with no colour changes or unwanted hues
  • Lasting colour
  • Perfect consistency for easy insertion
  • Strength of colour to minimise touch ups
  • Fade as true colours

The Dermace Pigment Range consists of lip colours which range from soft natural shades to vibrant shades of lipstick colours. You’ll also find a balanced range of eyebrow colours from pale grey/blonde to stronger dark browns for Asian skin tones, eyeliner colours from strong liquid look black to soft slates and also many contemporary shades.  Dermace also have an excellent range of areola and skin tones which are being used in many of the hospitals in the UK with great success. 

All Pigments Sizes: 15ml.

PLEASE NOTE: Dermace Pigments are for personal use only, and are NOT for re-sale. Dermace do NOT authorise the re-labelling or resale of any pigments. If you would like to be a reseller of Dermace pigments, please contact us for details. We reserve the right to cancel your order if we feel these conditions are not being adhered to.