Cleaning & Disinfectant

A range of products to help keep your working area clean and hygienic before, during, and after your Semi Permanent Makeup treatment.
Azo Wipes x 100
Clinell Antimicrobial Spray, 100ml
Clinell Universal Refill Wipes X 100
Clinell Universal Sanitiser Spray, 60ml
Gauze Swabs 10 x 10 cm 4 ply, 200
Hand Sanitiser Extending Line Clip
Hand Towels 1 pack of 300 pieces
Hydrex Chlorhexidine In Spirit 70% 600ml
Hydrex Chlorhexidine pink 600ml
Hydrex Hard Surface Trigger Spray 500ml
Hydrex Surgical Skin Scrub, 500ml
Hygea Cleansing Wipes (80)
Hygea Hand and Face Wipes (Tub-200)
Medipal Disinfectant Wipes, 350 wipes
Normasol Sachets x 25 Sold out