Biggest ever Dermace Black Friday event!!!

To thank all of our customers old & new for their support during this difficult year dermace are giving you the biggest ever discounts on our store. 

Dermace skin needling/meso machine Save 17%
Brow Measuring Callipers Save 50%
Cartridge Grippers Memory foam x 100 Save 36%
Pigment Stand Save 40%

Pigment Stand

Pumpkin Scalp Pigment 15ml Save 10%
Microblading Needles POPU x 100, U18 Save 40%
Darkest Brown 15ml Save 10%

Darkest Brown 15ml

Pecan Scalp Pigment 15ml Save 10%
Medium Brown Scalp Pigment 15ml Save 10%
Magnifying Glasses With Led lights Save 57%
Tuscany Brown Save 10%

Tuscany Brown

Save 10%
Darkest Black Scalp Pigment 15ml Save 10%
Dark Brown Save 10%

Dark Brown

Anti Fog/face shield/mask x 10 Save 44%