ZOOM Support for Dermace Techs

Posted by Teresa Fletcher on

We’re making some changes to our Dermace FOSS System (Free Optional Support System).

Until lockdown we have been holding support sessions at Head Office for all Dermace techs. It’s a brilliant way to stay confident and iron out kinks once your initial training is complete. It’s also great for meeting other techs and staying in touch.

We must move with the times with regards to Social Distancing – but we’re unwilling to reduce the level of Support and Mentoring that we offer. With this in mind, we’re putting together provision for ZOOM Support sessions going forward. We feel that this will allow even more of our students to join in on the sessions, and also reduce the risks that meeting in person would cause. It also means that you can get Support from your mobile, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer.

We have all the lighting, cameras etc for the sessions already in place. We just need to get started and find the best way to hold the sessions. Do we have a feed of questions? Do we take questions at the end of the sessions? How do we manage the viewers?

We’ll either link to videos of how to use ZOOM, or create our own for you. You won’t be left behind!

We’ll figure out all out over the next few days and weeks and be back in touch when we have a firm plan.
This doesn’t mean an end to live Support Sessions – it’s just a way to keep us all safe while providing the Support that we’re known for.

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