Post Office Experiment Over - Back on DPD!

Posted by Rich Fletcher on

Dpd are one of the best couriers out there. I'm happy to say this, as we've tried so many over the years, and DPD always seem to offer the least friction, and the least drama.
The also happen to be one of the more expensive methods of shipping. For this reason, we periodically try out some of the other companies to see if we're missing a trick. Our most recent trial was with Royal Mail - which has proven to be a minor disaster on many levels!

So - DPD are here to stay at Dermace Supplies. They offer an app so you can track your delivery, and re-route it if necessary. All services are 'next day' which is kind of what we're all used to these days anyway. 

It costs us a little more, but you know you're getting your supplies reliably. 

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